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With a proven track record, polar technical service division offer an outstanding package of specialized products and services across UAE. We aim to provide you with the best service in electrical low voltage panel Installations, Testing & Commissioning, Retrofit & Refurbishments, Annual Maintenance Contracts, Electrical Cable Works etc. Also we support specialized PLC / SCADA / Industrial Automation Solutions, Pump & Control Panels, UPS / Stabilizers / Batteries and Earthing & Lightning Protection System to Industrial, commercial and residential projects. Polar Technical Service division has a fully qualified and highly experienced team who are passionate about their trade. We believe that our strength lies in the comprehensive nature of the service we offer to our customers. Without compromising on quality, Polar Technical Services still manages to guarantee realistic prices, making the company a viable option for any potential partners. Whether you are looking for services for your existing structure or replacement at the most competitive prices, Our Technical Service Division supply your needs.

  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Retrofit & Refurbishments
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts
  • Electrical Cable Works
  • PLC / SCADA / Industrial Automation
  • Pump & Control Panels,
  • UPS / Stabilizers / Batteries
  • Earthing & Lightning Protection System


We possess in depth knowledge of switchgear panel board testing and commissioning process. We use the latest technology of Infrared Thermography Testing is an ideal technique for inspecting electrical equipment for defective components or connections.  We bring our team of highly experienced and certified engineers to conduct these tests, while using the advanced thermography testing in preventive maintenance program we can identify the following issues which causes system into failure mode.

  • Loose connections
  • Underrated components like breaker, conductors, busbars and cables   
  • Insulation failure 
  • Overloading
  • Ventilation issues in enclosure System

The detailed survey will be done with the panels remains in energized condition. The abnormality locations or components will be identified and the relevant images will be captured using the thermal imager. The captured images will be analyzed by using the dedicated software and the system generated reports will be issued to the clients by identifying the faults with the suggestion of corrective actions.


  • We do the testing and commissioning of low voltage switchboards for all kinds of projects with latest equipments. Beyond the standard tests, our expert technicians do the following tests,
    • Bolt Torque Test
    • Milli Volt Drop Test / Contact Resistance Test
    • Secondary Current Injection Test
    • ACB Secondary Injection Test
    • CT polarity and ratio Test
    • Primary Current Injection Test on Breakers
    • Insulation Resistance Test
    • Ammeter Current Injection Test
    • Voltmeter Test
    • REF relay Test
    • Thermography Survey on Live Panels


  • We hire all type of modification or expansion of panel boards with highest possible quality standards with in the target time. OurTechnical team provide special attention and consideration for those required shutdown activities of low voltage switchgear panelboards. We provide following activities while processing the panel modification or expansion
    • Breaker upgradation,
    • Breaker replacement,
    • Busbar replacement or upgradation,
    • Control Circuit modifications,
    • Shutdown works with target time,
    • VFD, Soft Starter and PLC modifications,
    • Existing switchboard expansion works
    • Troubleshooting works


  • We undertake annual maintenance contract for all type of projects. We prepare the preventive maintenance schedule and the.same will be executed before the breakdown maintenance occur, where we can ensure the supply reliability of the system. Weundertake Annual Maintenance Contracts for following sectors
    • Residential & Commercial Buildings
    • Infrastructure Projects
    • Shopping Malls
    • Substations
    • District Cooling Plant
    • Hotels
    • Oil and Gas
    • Manufacturing Units

We have the capability to deliver the required spare parts for all the brands of low voltage switchgear products of Schneider, ABB, Eaton, Siemens, Allen Bradly and L&T Switchgear throughout GCC markets. Our experts are well trained and experienced in all the manufacturers products. The annual maintenance service covers everything from older equipment at specified time intervals. Through thermal imaging, oil sampling and partial discharge testing we are able to detect failures and potential faults early. You can be confident that through regular inspection and maintenance your equipment will remain in prime condition. As specialists in electrical fault-finding and mechanical and electrical servicing of switchgear, we will provide reports and recommendations regarding the condition of equipment in each visit.


  • Polar extensive PLC / Industrial Automation division offers turnkey integrated industrial automation solutions based on state-of-the art PLC and SCADA technologies for a wide range of industrial automation applications includes following sectors
    • Manufacturing sector,
    • Utilities,
    • Oil & Gas,
    • Service industries.

The Automation Division offers turnkey integrated Industrial Automation Solutions starting from the plant floor (PLC/HMI,SCADA) and continuing up to the Manufacturing Information Systems (MIS). This helps us enable our clients in optimizing their process in return achieving the highest level of efficiency by maximizing system availability and minimizing system downtime, at the same time maintaining upper level supervision and real-time monitoring offering the followings.,

  • Designing and manufacturing of PLC control panel for all kinds of industrial automation applications.
  • SCADA developing.
  • Installation and commissioning of PLC control panels.
  • Pumping station Automation.
  • Telemetry system integration and web based alarm system.
  • Motor Control Centres (MCC Panels) with Visual and Audio monitoring.
  • Plant visualization through HMI and Monitors.
  • Maintenance service for the control panels.


We undertake preventive maintenance contract where the client is looking for preventive maintenance program instead of annual maintenance contract. We prepare the detailed preventive maintenance program in line with client requirements. The scheduled preventive maintenance will be completed in due course time with highest level of quality standards.


  • We are undertaking breakdown maintenance for different projects in UAE. With dedicative workforce we are able to reach any locationgeographically in UAE with in the time and the relevant work can be done indue course time.
    • Our service team will be available for 24 X 7
    • Our service team is well trained and highly experienced
    • Dedicative workforce
    • Readily available spare parts
    • Can reach us in “HOT LINE” for 24 X 7


We provide single-phase and three-phase uninterrupted power supply solutions with external battery backup for extended runtime. We carry uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and external battery products from top manufacturers and provide innovative custom UPS solutions and Industrial UPS Solutions to protect critical loads from main supply issues including spikes, dips, fluctuations, power failures and generator power synchronization. Our dedicated technical service team structures the right Online / Line interactive UPS and external battery packs with cost effective solutions



  • We provide industrial and residential water pumps and control panels. Our sales engineers are well trained in helping you to select the right pump requirements for your application. We carry products from Wilo and install below category Pumps with customized control panels.
    • Booster Pump with Control Panel
    • Transfer Pumps with Control panel
    • Sewage Pumps with Control Panel
    • Circulation pumps with Control Panel
    • Solar water pumps with Control Panel
    • Dewatering pumps with Control Panel